BRIKS, the most versatile light solution

BRIKS : your light, any way you like !

EXALUX BRIKS is the most versatile lighting solution on the market. Light and powerful, it is designed for efficiency on set or in TV studios.

briks light

An infinity of needs • An infinity of light

With BRIKS, you can build your light any way you like.

BRIKS lights are made of the combination of a single or several LED tiles and a LED controler that are assembled together like LEGOs. An optional cable can be used to connect distant groups of BRIKS.


Versatile • Ready to any situation


BRIKS is an ultra-portable and intense light source. Thanks to the customable lighting shape, it is particularly suitable to enlighten tricky elements and can be carried everywhere.

This solution is highly efficient. It can be powered with standard Vlock battery but also with very small batteries like Canon LP-E6, DV955 or Sony BP-U.

Because BRIKS range is versatile, it can be easily used for location, interviews, Web TV or TV studio lighting. And, it can also be used for on camera lights.

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Wireless control • Freedom on set


Grab your tablet and set your BRIKS panels per group or individually.
Easy and fast handling to reduce setup time in the field.
Individual settings of CCT and brightness values for each source and user-preset recording.

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Designed for efficiency • Built for flexibility


BRIKS is built for flexibility and embeds high-end patterned technologies. It is completly Plug’n Play.

The all-in-one controler, built in Bluetooth 2.0, built in 120W Buck-Boost DC converter will ensure you greater efficiency and time saving on set.

EXALUX BRIKS uses only 5.5W and it creates a luminous efficency as powerful as a 50W halogen bulb! Switch the SuperFlux mode and boost the light output by 60% for a system up to 4 BRIKS.

briks light features

Kits for any situation

EXALUX designed « ready to go » kits to meet a need: Shoot in car, web TV, interview, camera, etc…

stick dimmer
stick dimmer

Main features

briks light








brik light



3200 / 5600K preset

Up to 120W

Built in Bluetooth 2.0

LE-E6 socket


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