CONNECT-One: DMX control at your fingertips

Control all your DMX devices with your tablet or smartphone !

The CONNECT-One is a box which creates its own Wi-Fi and allows you to control any DMX device with a tablet or a smartphone.

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Wireless control • DMX control at your fingertips

Controlling your DMX devices remotely using iPad has never been easier than with Exalux CONNECT-One.


All-in-one box • An unrivalled freedom

EXALUX CONNECT-One is a Wi-Fi to DMX node which allows you to control any DMX device with any tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android).


CONNECT-One already has its own Wi-Fi interface and Art-Net/DMX interface so it works without the need of an extra access point.

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Simplicity • Reliability

You just have to join the CONNECT-One’s secured Wi-Fi Network and let the fun begin!
CONNECT-One also allows to choose between 3 Wi-Fi channels by pushing the selector switch.


Created with professionals • Designed with passion

CONNECT-One is born from the collaboration between Exalux and a French Gaffer. It has been designed to reach all requirements of the most demanding professionals.


Swap the power • Stay connected

CONNECT-One can be directly powered from AC line or with an external battery. It can run up to 12 hours with the small 8.5Wh Exalux Powerbank. Swaping from one power supply to another does not disconnect Wi-Fi connection.


A turn-key solution • More efficiency

EXALUX brings you a complete solution that includes hardware and apps. Download DMX Connect (App Store & Play Store) or DMX Connect + (App Store) and control your light easily and quickly. CONNECT-One is also compatible with the most part of Artnet protocol application, like Luminair.

Quick guide for DMX Connect + (french version)

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Main features

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The user experience!

« At first, I thought it would be a little complicated but it was quite easy and very user-friendly indeed!

I used the CONNECT-One in a Wi-Fi saturated environment, without any problem setting it up.

It is very usefull when lightings are hardly accessible, for instance in a suspended ceiling.
You just have to make the DMX cabling and this is it, which is time saving. »

Michel Foropon, Gaffer

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More information? contact us or watch our video.


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