DMX CONNECT +: get more freedom with your DMX devices!

A simple DMX controller that offers an incredible freedom of movement

DMX Connect + is a virtual DMX console that works with all Art-Net / DMX wireless interfaces such as EXALUX CONNECT-One.

DMX Connect + is designed for the most demanding professionals with the desire of controlling any DMX device from their iPad or Android tablet effortlessly.

Quick guide for DMX Connect +

DMX controle Application

DMX Connect + itunes

Looks like a DMX controller ● Much more than a simple controller

DMX Connect + works the exact same way than your hardware DMX controller you used for years. Every fader is linked to a DMX address. Easy and friendly to use!

With DMX Connect +, there is no need to learn the manual or the FAQ’s by heart, you are ready in a snap!

Virtual DMX controller

Get down to basics ● No compromise

With DMX Connect + there is no need to compromise between performances and simplicity. Key functions are at your fingertip and very accessible.
You choose to « Master » your fader if you want to. You can also choose your fading delay to smooth your transition on TV sets.

The project manager enables you to save your work in the cloud and to share it with Airdrop.

DMX control solution for iPads

Designed for CONNECT-One ● Compatible with all Art-Net devices

DMX Connect + can be used with the EXALUX CONNECT-One node without any particular configuration. The application can also be used and set up for any DMX device handling Art-Net protocol.

Art-net DMX controler

For TV sets ● For cinema sets

DMX Connect + is your ideal companion to control your LED devices on cinema sets. It is also perfect for small TV studio setups.

Professional DMX lighting control

« Console Mode » for settings ● « Live Mode » for playing

Program your settings in the “console mode”. Then switch to the “live mode” and lock your settings to ensure that they are not lost or changed by other users.

DMX Console Apps

For iOS ● For Android

DMX Connect + works perfectly with iPad (available in iTunes).
DMX Connect + works also with Android (available in Google Play).

Android DMX controller

Approved by the most renowned French DoPs !

« When used with the CONNECT-One, this app lets you control every light of a small studio in a very simple and intuitive way.

I make my light presets in « console mode » with the person in charge of the set and then switch to “live mode”. Technicians can choose a preset we saved at any time without any risk to change them and make a mistake.

DMX Connect + is resolutely modern, simple, reliable and very affordable. »

Jean Clavé, DoP

Wireless DMX control

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