Infinitely configurable lighting solutions

ezLED is certainly the easiest way to create custom lighting luminaires.

Creative LED design

Ease to design • creativity without limit

ezLED is a turnkey solution made of a wide variety of linear flexible LED boards, connection boards and connectors.

ezLED is a flxible solution designed to simplify the creation of luminaires for any application.

ezLED boards can be cut with scissors and connected to each others with connectors or solder connection.

High CRI LED ribon

More lumen output • Less thermal heating

An EXALUX ezLED STRIP20TW module is up to 2520 output Lumen / meter for a consumption of 30 Watts / meter.

Due to its optimized design, ezLED modules produces powerful light without overheating requiring the use of additional heatsink.

ezLED are therefore very practical to implement wherever you need to. A simple self-grip strip is enough to keep the module in position!

ledstrip control

Solderless connection • Cost effective solution

ezLED is a solderless lighting system which saves you a lot of time and simplifies installation.

You don’t need specifics tools to connect the LED modules each other.

solderless flexible LED strip

Natural White • Vibrant colors

ezLED LED boards are based on high CRI emitters that probably provide the best color rendering on the market.

Furthermore, EXALUX carefully choose 3step McAdam emitters with a very tight tolerance for white light.

high colour rendition

Designed for film industry • Suitable for any uses

ezLED is designed to work with most of the constant voltage LED dimmers even with the high frequencies flicker free PWM dimmers !

LED boards integrates a constant current driver that allows the uniformity of the light even if a lot of LED boards are connected to each others.

With ezLED, dimming is perfect without colour shifting.

ledstrip control

LED’s go crazy • LED’s get brighter

ezLED is a clever and versatile lighting solution that will bring you a unequaled freedom to create a world of light !

ledstrip control

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