ROCK, the new definition of the light panel

ROCK panels are perfect tools for filmmakers or TV lighting.

lighting ledpanel
ROCK WIDE led pannel

Soft light • Vibrant colours

ROCK panels are colour temperature calibrated. Exalux carefully inspects LED and colour temperature specifications to deliver great colour rendering that is appropriate for cinema and broadcasting markets.

Our unique technology aims to reach a natural and intense soft light with the best colour rendering.

CRI > 94


Perfect colour rendition

81 lm/W


High output
Low power consumption



Accurate colour temperature



Soft dimming even in lowest levels

feuille couleur saturees)

Designed for efficiency • Built to last

ROCK is built to last and embeds high-end patterned technologies. The intuitive control panel, built in Bluetooth 4.0 and DMX interface will ensure you greater efficiency and time saving on set.

ROCK Wide also integrates a DMX output socket to ease installation on TV sets.

intuitive control panel

Deep & smooth dimming • Stable colour


ROCK light panels integrate highly reliable dimming functionalities that give the user an unrivalled control of the light. Exalux’ dimming allows a smoother and deeper dimming without any colour shifting or risk of flicker throughout the dimming range.

ip54 panel

Wireless control • Freedom on set

Grab your tablet and set your ROCK panels per group or individually.
Easy and fast handling to reduce setup time in the field.
Individual settings of CCT and brightness values for each source and user-preset recording.

Bluetooth control with

X.LITE is an app which remotely controls the EXALUX ROCK range with Bluetooth (Play Store) (App Store)

Wireless DMX control with CONNECT-One

CONNECT-One is a Wi-Fi box which allows to remotely control DMX devices with a smartphone or a tablet thanks to the app
DMX Connect (Play Store) (App Store)

remotely control ledpanel

Main features

lighting ledpanel



1700 lux @1m

ROCK WIDE led pannel



3250 lux @1m

Your ROCK deserves the best

EXALUX recommends DOP Choice‘s snapbag and snapgrips and Blueshape‘s IP54 batteries

ROCK WIDE led pannel


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