EXALUX uBOOST: The better the voltage, the better the light !

The better the voltage • The better the light

LED ribbons are sensitive to voltage variations. VLOCK batteries delivered between 13 and 17 volts depending on the charge. A stable and suitable voltage supply ensures stable light intensity and perfect color temperature.

uBOOST DC24W108 converter steps up and regulates DC voltage from a Vlock to a fixed 24VDC voltage required by your LED lighting system.

voltage booster

Power in any situation • Not only for LEDs

uBOOST converters are perfect to power a 24VDC LED ribbon with a VLOCK battery in any situation and for many hours thanks to the high efficiency (up to 98%)

With uBOOST, you can also power any 24VDC device (up to 108W) with any battery ou power source.

step-up converter

Main features

high efficiency converter

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